We need to hear from you.

I noticed that you haven’t yet voted in our Health Reform Video Challenge. Votes are pouring in, but we need to hear from everyone about which ad we should run on television nationally.

Can you rate the videos now?



P.S. — Here’s Natalie’s email from earlier this week, further explaining the challenge:

——–Original Message——–
From: Natalie Foster, BarackObama.com bbb
Subject: Top 20 videos: Watch and vote


We just finished going through the submissions to OFA’s Health Reform Video Challenge, and they’re great. There are personal stories that grab your heart, brilliant summaries of what reform would really mean, and plenty of biting satire that calls out the insurance lobbyists.
Out of nearly a thousand excellent videos submitted, we’re down to the top 20.
Now it’s your turn to watch the finalists and vote for your favorites — and then we’ll air the winner on national television.
Watch and vote on the finalists now.

The top 20 ads will also be voted on by our panel of experts and artists, including Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am, animator and director Seth MacFarlane, actress Kate Walsh, Obama for America campaign manager David Plouffe, and Democratic
National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine.

It couldn’t be more urgent for us to get these funny, powerful, and eye-opening messages out to the public. As the full Congress begins its final debate on reform, airing the winning video as an ad on national television could help tip the balance toward enacting the
changes they’ve been talking about for years in Washington.

Polls close at midnight on Friday, November 6th, so don’t waste a minute: Watch the finalists and vote for your favorites right away:


Thanks, and go get started,
Natalie Foster
New Media Director

P.S. — Help spread the word: After you vote, make sure you send this on to friends
and family so they can check out the finalists.




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